Stand Against Defunding Planned Parenthood in Virginia

The house's budget attacks access to reproductive care in many ways including defunding fetal anomaly abortion for low income women, prohibiting funding for gubernatoraial action on TRAP (targeted regulations on abortion providers, not closing the coverage gap to ensure 400,000 working, low income people receive health care, and of course- defunding Planned Parenthood.  
The recent election shows it is clear that Virginians have had enough of extreme politicians who want to restrict access to quality and affordable health care. Tell our Virginia lawmakers to reject this budget today. 


Women don’t need a politician telling them where they can get their Pap tests, breast cancer screenings or birth control. Tell our Virginia lawmakers to reject this legislation today. 

The bottom line is this: Virginia women and families need more access to health care, not less. More than half of all pregnancies in Virginia are unintended and in 2008, there were 375,500 women in need of publicly supported contraceptive services and supplies. Furthermore, Virginia ranks in the worst category for rates of breast cancer deaths among both African American and white women.

This legislation does nothing to provide Virginia women with basic health care, instead it shifts family planning money away from Planned Parenthood -- the trusted provider for 24,000 Virginians. 

It is inappropriate to keep women from their trusted provider, Planned Parenthood. 

GOAL: 1,000 signatures

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