Where will you be on Tuesday, March 25th?

As you may know, The U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear two challenges to the birth control benefit on March 25 that will determine if for-profit employers have the right to deny their employees access to no copay birth control. The decision about whether to use birth control should be between a woman and her doctor – and no boss should be able to take away that right.

To make sure that everyone understands how much is at stake for women when the Court hears these cases, Planned Parenthood is inviting supporters to join us outside the Supreme Court in Washington, DC on Tuesday March 25th and we need YOU there to make sure our voices are heard!

8:30 AM | U.S. Supreme Court | 1 First St. NE

Join Planned Parenthood as we rally to defend women’s rights at theUnited States Supreme Court

Register at tinyurl.com/Rally4Women


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