Virginia League for Planned Parenthood's Paulette McElwain Calls for 'Facts, Not Fraud' in Today's RTD


Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Virginia League for Planned Parenthood's Paulette McElwain Calls for 'Facts, Not Fraud' in Today's RTD

In case you missed it – The Richmond Times Dispatch ran a letter-to-the-editor today by Paulette McElwain, President and CEO of the Virginia League for Planned Parenthood, calling for "facts, not fraud" in response to a recent Robin Beres column on the previously discredited, heavily-edited videos attacking Planned Parenthood.

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 8, 2015

Richmond Times Dispatch

The headline to Robin Beres’ Commentary column calls the recent spate of heavily edited, highly inflammatory video attacks against Planned Parenthood a “horror.” They are indeed like horror movies in that they are fictional, based on outdated mythology and produced in a sensationalized fashion solely to prey on emotion.

These videos have been thoroughly discredited. Three teams of forensic experts analyzed them and concluded that they “significantly misrepresent and distort actual events.” Full transcripts of the videos reveal Planned Parenthood staffers reacting compassionately and professionally in highly sensitive medical situations.

The video referenced by Beres was specifically highlighted for fraudulently misrepresenting images stolen from the Facebook page of a woman grieving her miscarriage as if the images were obtained at Planned Parenthood. None of the videos is relevant in Virginia, where Planned Parenthood has never participated in fetal tissue donation programs.

Beres complains that Americans are largely ignoring these videos produced by “citizen journalists.” The truth is that the videos are part of a highly orchestrated, arguably criminal smear campaign by a deceptive organization with a radical agenda — and most Americans wisely recognize this. 

It’s time for facts, not fraud. Abortion services are a small percentage of what Planned Parenthood clinics offer and only 1 percent of our clinics nationwide facilitate fetal tissue donations. Because federal funds already cannot be used for abortions, any targeted defunding effort would endanger access to basic, reproductive health care like annual exams and STD screenings for millions of men and women across the country.

Planned Parenthood has been a steadfast proponent for women’s health for decades and Beres’ invocation of the Holocaust only shows how removed from reality her argument is. These deceptive video attacks have no credibility whatsoever and have only shown how far outside the law radical opponents will go to try and discredit essential organizations like Planned Parenthood.

Paulette McElwain

President and CEO

Virginia League for Planned Parenthood


View the letter online here.



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