We Won't Back Down

Time and again, supporters like you have asked that legislators remove themselves from women’s deeply personal health care decisions-yet they continue to ignore us. Shame on them. 

Rather than protecting access to birth control and safe, legal abortion, legislators voted to move forward with a deeply unpopular personhood resolution. Additionally, Members of the House Courts of Justice Constitutional Law Subcommittee killed several measures that would have protected and expanded access to comprehensive reproductive health care in Virginia. Last but not least, an attempt to repeal the 2012 law mandating women undergoing an abortion to have an ultrasound at least 24 hours prior to her procedure died in subcommittee. 

For years, these out-of-touch lawmakers have worked tirelessly to roll back our rights, to put barrier after barrier between women and the care they need. And the truth is, in far too many states, they've made frightening progress. Now, with control of the Virginia House and Senate, they think they have a chance to push even harder — so we have to push back just as hard. 

Let your legislators know that we will not back down.

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